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Wyprawa do Krainy Baśni - Journey To The Fairy Land

Autor / Author: Jolanta Nitkowska-Węglarz

Ilustracje / Illustrations: Iwona Lifsches

Editor / Wydawnictwo Unigraf

ul. Hetmańska 38

85-007 Bydgoszcz, Polska

Tel: +48 52 321 37 18

“Journey to Fairyland” – Pomeranian fairy tales written by Jolanta Nitkowska-Węglarz and illustrated by Iwona Lifsches, 2015

Promotion of the book took place on 15th of June 2015 in The Public Library in Słupsk, Grodzka str., 

3, at 5:00 PM.

Once upon a time I had read on my fb website a very special comment that made me curious. It was written by Jolanta Nitkowska-Węglarz, who is the writer and journalist. She did like very much my paintings and imagined her Pomeranian fairy tales book with just such pictures.

Reading her typescripts reminded me of my beloved books for children. That was like a magical journey through enchanted Pomerania, filled with ghosts, witchcraft, princesses and devils. Fairy tales are traditionally built - goodness triumphs, evil must be punished. The book has a special atmosphere of Pomeranian respect for nature, diligence, wisdom, righteousness and kindness.

Whole book smells the Baltic Sea, as the Author says.

I am convinced that you will find these traditional, very beautiful fairy tales interesting and the enchanted Pomerania will be closer to you as a tame, intriguing and fascinating land.

Because I had always a hidden dream of making illustrations for fairy tales, therefore our wishes met somewhere halfway between two stormy seas - North and Baltic.

Unexpectedly Mr. Jozef Kloska of “Unigraf“, the publishing company, found our project very interesting and he decided to publish the book. Then our adventure started on the board of "truly atomic-powered" sailing ship, because we got only one month to close the project. I gave up the exhibition in Rome, closed myself in my studio, when Jola had been writing the final versions of her fairy tales.

Extremely intensive work has resulted in a new book for children, “Journey To FairyLand”, which is already in print and I look forward until I take it in my hand and smell it’s fresh printing ink.

On its cover you will find my painting promoting the 8th edition of Art Naif Festival in Katowice. A year ago I gained the Grand Prix and according to Festival’s tradition winner’s painting promotes the next edition.

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